Jonathan Bhargava

MBChB, FRCOphth, FRCSEd (Ophth)

Consultant Ophthalmologist Specialising in Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgery

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Mr Bhargava is an expert cataract surgeon and has had no significant surgical complications like vitreous loss or posterior capsular rupture whilst operating at the Countess of Chester or the Grosvenor Nuffield hospitals.

He offers surgical expertise in all eyelid surgery whether reconstructive, cosmetic or for symptomatic conditions. These include droopy or 'hooded' eyelids, watering eyes due to eyelid malposition and eyelid laxity.

Mr Bhargava frequently performs endonasal lacrimal surgery that allows the treatment of blocked tear ducts without creating a scar. This technique has a quicker recuperation time and is less traumatic than the traditional 'external' procedure, but just as successful. He is the only ophthalmic surgeon in Cheshire offering this procedure .

He has also developed new and effective treatments for narrowing of the 'tear duct'.


Lid lumps/lesions

Lid tumours

Facial tumours

Lid position abnormalities

Eye lid bags

Facial lumps/lesions

Watery eyes

Thyroid eye disease

Facial palsy